Who We Are?

where it all began

Gun Friendly South Africa is a gun rights advocacy movement based in South Africa. With the goal to make South Africa a safer country by promoting responsible and legal gun ownership, it shares a constant flow of information regarding firearms and ownership in South Africa, encouraging all South Africans to own and train to use a firearm for self-defence.

Gun Friendly South Africa encourages firearms for all related shooting sports, in hunting and for self-defence purposes.

Gun Friendly South Africa sees a firearm as a fundamental basic human right, in that a firearm is the most effective tool to protect our basic human right to safety of the person, enshrined in both the South African constitution, and internationally law by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948. It is also a human right explicitly mentioned and protected by the European Convention on Human Rights.

We are not satisfied with the “status quo.” South Africans are losing and have lost some of our precious gun rights and we want them back! This is why we consider ourselves “no compromise”. We are Gun Friendly South Africa, we do not compromise, we are proud firearm owners and we want a safer South Africa.

Extraordinary Experiences

During the National Firearms Summit at Parliament in March 2015, then National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega, mistakenly, twice suggested the creation of a “gun-friendly society”. And so, Gun Friendly SA was born. Founded to advance and encourage responsible firearm ownership in South Africa, to take a swipe, and to actively fight the South African Governments disarmament agenda, Gun Friendly South Africa was an idea formed by different South Africans, who joined forces, united by our love for firearms and the art of marksmanship. 

Our Core Values

To make SA a safer country by promoting responsible and legal gun ownership. We endorse all related shooting sports, hunting and self defence purposes

  • Promote safe and responsible Firearm Ownership
  • Promote and work with all associations and organisations in the firearms world.
  • Encourage all South Africans to own a licensed firearm for self-defense